Elk Grove teen robbed at gunpoint by 14 year old, suspect arrested by EGPD

Elk Grove teen robbed at gunpoint by 14 year old


An Elk Grove teen was robbed Wednesday afternoon at gunpoint around 4:30 pm. The victim was walking down the street near Whitelock Parkway and Blossom Ridge when he was approached by 3 people, a 14 year old Sacramento resident and two other males. The 14 year old pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his property. The victim gave the suspect his phone and started to walk away. Then one of the males walked over to the victim and returned his phone. The victim then walked home and called police.


Responding officers arrived shortly after and detained the 3 males.  The 14 year old suspect was in possession of an unloaded hand gun.  The other two males were identified and released according to police because there was no probable cause to detain them. The 14 year was taken to juvenile hall.


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