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Hello Elk Grove! This week I wanted to talk about a common topic you will often hear between coaches and clients- how to properly perform exercises to correct muscle imbalances and avoid pain. Because of our modern lifestyles, work environments, previous sports experience, most of us have overactive and/or underactive muscle groups. What does that mean? When we have one muscle that isn’t firing properly or have a neurological disconnect to a specific area, posture and form are compromised. This can lead to injury. Here are a few ways to avoid any setbacks and continue to progress through our fitness journey.


1. Go To A Trainer/Coach Led Workout: Having a coach assessing your form is key. At Kaia, we have coaches that are well versed in all exercises and our primary focus is form. Our number one goal is to always have clients perform exercises correctly. This way you will see results. Of course every client is different, so having someone right by your side to make sure you’re doing it right will ensure you will get the most out of your workout.


2. Get In Tune With Your Body: The mind-body connection is definitely the hardest to master but makes the biggest difference in all workouts. For instance, in my Barre classes, I always remind my clients to ask themselves, Can they lift their heels higher? Can they get one inch lower? Is their upper body relaxed? Do they have good posture? Whether you are working out in a group environment or by yourself, you should always ask yourself questions to effectively engage the appropriate muscle groups.


3. Identify Good Pain From Bad: I think we all fall victim. We pride ourselves on getting through all those reps unbroken without noticing that our form is failing, our shoulders are tense or our lower backs are on fire. We all want that “burn” but what we don’t want is to be in so much pain the next day that we can’t workout for another week. Keep the focus on making every rep beautiful even if you have to stop, shake it out, and get right back to it.


Waking up pain-free and ready to take on the day should be a main objective for every workout regimen. As our strength increases, our chances of aching muscles decrease. Currently, Kaia FIT Laguna you can join for the month of December for only $30! Jump start your fitness rituals before the New Year! Let this be the year you make healthy habits just as important as holiday traditions.


See you next week!

Melynda Lovato
Barre Coach Kaia Fit Laguna

3137 Dwight Rd, Suite 100, Elk Grove, Ca

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