Kaia FIT: New Year, New You!

Kaia FIT: New Year, New You!



New Year, New You.


Hi Elk Grove! Melynda here, from Kaia Fit Laguna. As we approach the end of the year, many of us
will start to think about new habits we’d like to put in place and new goals we’d like to accomplish for
2018. Two-thirds of Adults in the United States who make fitness related New Year’s Resolutions. This
week I’m going to list a few tips that will help you stay on track all year long.

1. Find the push you need. When choosing a facility, keep in mind that you’ll likely be visiting 4 or
more days a week. You want to make sure that this place feels like a second home. Whether it’s finding
a “sweat-mate” or having coaches guide you through your journey, having someone to help motivate
when times get tough, will be key to achieving your ultimate goal.

2. Give yourself variety rather than routine. There’s a big difference in an exercise routine and an
exercise program. A routine is something you consistently do every gym session that may deliver a
good sweat but doesn’t take into account much of anything else. At Kaia, we have 3 different types of classes on our schedule to ensure our clients are knowledgeable on all facets of exercise. Bootcamp-
incorporates everything from power and strength to cardio endurance and mobility. Kaia Flow- This gives our bodies a chance to stretch and lengthen the muscles we’ve worked so hard during the week.
Kardio Barre- a class that is sure to leave you shaking by incorporating small, super-controlled
movements which reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine.

3. Focus on more than just the scale. It is common to have a “goal weight” in mind. For many years
in the fitness industry, the number on the scale was our most important indicator of progress in our
health and wellness journey. For Kaia’s signature six week program, Iron Girl Brik, we use
measurements at the beginning and end of the session to switch the focus on inches lost, rather than
pounds on the scale. You may not notice a change in yourself, but other people will!

4. Fuel you body. Of course you won’t get to where you want to be just by focusing on exercise alone.
Nutrition and what you use to fuel your body is just as, or even more, important for achieving those
goals. During BRIK, we teach you how you can incorporate healthy eating habits and staying hydrated
so you can be successful beyond the six week session. We emphasize the importance of creating new
lifestyle and avoiding crash diets.

To help keep your New Years Resolutions, Kaia Fit Laguna is kicking off their first Brik of the year on
January 2nd. We provide session manuals which include meal plans & cookbook, assessments to record
your starting and ending weight and measurements, a FIT test in weeks 1, 3, and 6 to measure of
progress, and nutritional guidance. To sign up, head to our website: laguna.kaiafit.com or just pop in to
workout! Take on 2018 with the best tribe in Elk Grove!


See you next week!

Melynda Lovato
Barre Coach Kaia Fit Laguna

3137 Dwight Rd, Suite 100, Elk Grove, Ca

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