Elk Grove City Council receives report on racial issues affecting city

Elk Grove City Council receives report on racial issues affecting city


Tonight the Elk Grove City Council received recommendations from city staff based on the report that came out from the recent community meetings.


Full staff report and the report from community meetings can be viewed here


Highlights from the staff report:


Public Awareness Efforts


• No Place for Hate Proclamation – On September 28, 2016, the Elk Grove City Council proclaimed Elk Grove as “No Place for Hate” and presented a Proclamation to the members of the Multicultural Committee. On October 25, 2017 the City Council reaffirmed that Proclamation and strengthened it to be more inclusive.


• Staff created and launched the HUMANITY campaign, which is an extension to the No Place for Hate Campaign. It reinforces the message with the use of the words HUMANITY, UNITY, and UNDERSTANDING accompanied by the tagline “Between U and I, there is No Place for Hate”.


• The City will continue to use its resources to further the discussion of race relations. For example, the January/February newsletter includes ideas for personal de-biasing techniques that were heard during the Town Hall meetings.


• A promotion encouraging local business owners to show their support for the Humanity campaign will begin in January 2018 with the distribution of window clings for businesses taking the Humanity Pledge. Window clings will be available through the City and the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce. Promotion to businesses will be made through social media and a Chamber e-mail blast to its members.


Police Department and Investigations


• The Police Department continues its investigations into the hate crimes that occurred in Old Town Elk Grove (the hate note left at DreamGirls Fine Hair Imports and the KKK graffiti at the apartment complex on Emerald Park Drive). Police detectives have met with FBI agents to discuss the evidence obtained in these investigations, and FBI agents have confirmed that all viable leads have been exhausted. Detectives remain hopeful that information will come forward that leads to successful resolution of these investigations.


• Based on feedback from the October 23 Town Hall meeting, multiple residents expressed concern and fear regarding a truck that is flying a confederate flag throughout town. Police department staff have been made aware of this truck and the concern it presents to the community.


• The Police Department continues to make public crime statistic information available to residents. Residents can register their e-mail with www.crimereports.com in order to receive e-mail alerts regarding reported crimes in specific areas or neighborhoods of interest to them. The Police Department believes that utilizing crimereports.com will help members of the community understand what types of crimes are occurring in their neighborhoods and encourage residents to call the police when they see suspicious activity taking place. Additionally, the police department is in the early stages of preparing its 2017 Annual Report. The Annual Report, which will be released in early February, will again contain crime data and other information that will be of interest to the community.


• The Chief of Police is working on the development of a Chief’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) to serve as a resource for the Chief in developing community policing priorities and strategies. One goal of the CAB will be to provide a forum for police-community interaction to address public safety and other important community issues to further improve the quality of life in our community. More detailed information regarding the CAB’s role, composition, and expectations will soon be released by the Chief of Police.


Implicit Bias Training for City Staff


• Throughout winter 2017, City staff was trained in a two hour course regarding implicit bias. This training was based on research conducted by Dr. Eberhardt of Stanford University. City contract staff are also being offered the same training in January 2018.


• As noted above, additional staff training will be identified through the Diversity Audit and Inclusion Strategy.


Human Resources and Recruitments


• Staff has attended the following diversity focused job fairs to help meet and encourage diverse job candidates:

  • Greater Sacramento Urban League
  • Cosumnes River College Career Faire
  • Sacramento Hiring Expo
  • Career Diversity Fair o Elk Grove Unified School District Recruitment Event


• Staff has increased its advertising for recruitment efforts to include specific diverse groups and associations as well as larger networks, including the Professional Diversity Network, the NAACP, National Minority Update, Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Women Law Enforcement, the Asian Career Network, Military 2 Career, Ihispano, and the Black Career Network. Each of these organizations are dedicated to creating a diverse pipeline of potential candidates.


After hearing the report the city council spoke and asked questions of city staff and made their own comments.  The council members were in agreement with the plan by EGPD Police Chief Noblett to establish a Citizen’s Advisory Board.  Councilman Detrick asked Noblett about tracking hate crimes. Noblett said that all police agencies track hate crimes and they are reported to the FBI.  He also said the EGPD will work on improving how they track potential hate crimes or incidents.

Chief Noblett also listed the amount of hate crimes reported in the city since 2011.

2017 – 6

2016 – 3

2015 – 3

2014 – 2

2013 – 4

2012 -3

2011 – 6


Betty Williams from the Sacramento NAACP spoke during public comment and mentioned that they get more complaints about the EGPD  than any other law enforcement agency in the area.  Chief Noblett replied that the EGPD is not receiving any of the complaints.  Noblett asked Williams to forward the complaints to him so that he can address them.


The council members all spoke about the issues involved. They spoke of wanting to work more closely with the Elk Grove Unified School District to reach the youth of the city and emphasized that the city is taking steps to work with the community and that the process is just starting and will continue.

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