Sacramento activists request City of Elk Grove to create police commission

Sacramento activists request City of Elk Grove to create police commission


A group of Sacramento activists is once again asking the the Elk Grove City Council to establish a police commission.  A few months earlier a group led by local activist and Elk Grove resident, Amar Shergill, created a petition, and one of the items was a police commission. That commission had over 700 signatures, some of which were from Sacramento according to Shergill.  Elk Grove Laguna Forums and Elk Grove Laguna News founder, Doc Souza, created a competing petition that asked the city council not form a police commission. That petition had over 1400 signatures.


Last week at the Elk Grove City Council meeting the council heard from city staff about the recent community meetings focused on race relations. Out of the report came a plan that Chief of Police Bryan Noblett would create a Citizens Advisory Board.  Details on how the CAB would work have not been released. Shergill and Sacramento NAACP leader Betty Williams asked the council to instead create a police commission.  Williams stated that out of all the police agencies in the area, that she receives the most complaints about the Elk Grove Police Department.  Chief Noblett said he tried multiple times to reach William and stated that he has not received one complaint. Noblett requested that Williams forward to him any complaints that she has



A poll taken on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page a few months ago showed that there was very little support for a police commission. Nearly 84% of those responding were against the idea.


Earlier this week the group led by Shergill, emailed the City Council with a list of their demands for a police commission. The letter was shared by Elk Grove News Net. You can read the entire letter there. The group seeks a commission that will have authority over the police department.


Some of the demands are:

  • The commission not have any current or former law enforcement officers and have a paid, part time investigator
  • Conduct independent investigations and issue discipline, in consultation with the Chief of Police
  • Review the budget for the Police Department, and determine if the budget is aligned with the policies and procedures established by the commission
  • Access to all data pertaining to the EGPD, including internal affairs investigations.
  • Power to subpoena witnesses
  • Play a role in the hiring of future police chiefs
  • Release all video pertaining to use of force complaints within 30 days.  Failure to release the video within 30 days could result in a per day penalty for the city.


The City Council is unlikely to take action on the new demands by Shergill’s group at this time.  Their decision at the last city council meeting was to proceed with the plan for a Citizen’s Advisory Board. Details have not yet been released on that plan by Chief Noblett.

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