Statement from Sharie Wilson, owner of Dream Girls

Statement from Sharie Wilson, owner of Dream Girls.


Elk Grove Laguna News reached out to the 3 businesses in Old Town that were recently involved in some controversy, to get their side of the story.  On Monday, we posted the statement from the owners of the Vintage Street Market. Today we are posting the statement from Sharie Wilson, owner of Dream Girls Salon.


When Vintage Market first opened up, not only did I personally welcome them to our street, I purchased multiple items and referred my clients their way.
Yes, we had a disagreement in regards to the parking in front of our stores, but parking has always been an issue in Old Elk Grove for the past 11 years that my business has been there.
The City of Elk Grove resolved the parking issue for the Vintage Market by putting a loading zone in front of my store so that Vintage Market had parking for their customers. However, before the loading zone was put there I would park my car there when there was no parking available and move it as soon as there was open space to help accommodate the needs of my business neighbors.
I recently went in to apologize for having to briefly park there. The Vintage Market owner even stated herself that we were on good terms and that I did come in and apologize for parking in front of their business when, at times, I had no other choice. Mind you, I’m the only business without a private parking lot.
Regarding the owners of Vintage Market speaking to the reporter…… in their initial response to my post they said they did not talk to a reporter. (Please see screenshot below) Later in their response to the Laguna Forum, they turned around and changed their original statement to now saying that they did speak to the reporter.
Vintage Market stated that the reporter asked them, “How was your relationship with Sharie? “ (see picture below)
It doesn’t make any sense that the reporter was coming to ask me about the recent Snapchat viral video. Why would the reporter stop to ask Vintage Market and the Coin Shop Owner about our relationship? The story had nothing to do with me personally.
The Owners of the Vintage Market and Coin Shop wanted to discredit my interview by slandering my name. They stopped the reporter, like they always do, and ask what they were here to report. They then went on to tell her that I was the problem and I’m responsible for the note left at my door because no one else experienced racism on the block.
Also, If Vintage Market and myself were on good terms as Vintage Market stated themselves in my post (please see pics below) I am confused as to why they would tell the reporter to follow me with cameras to see how I treat business owners here in Old Elk Grove.
Vintage Street Market has watched and entertained the Coin Shop owner’s aggressiveness and racist comments toward me. It was very hurtful to hear the rumors they were spreading by saying I am the cause of all the racial issues on the block and in Elk Grove.
The owner of Vintage Street Market entertained and sometimes
encouraged the Coin Shop’s nonsense. They even went as far to say a black man (family member of mine) placed the note on the door of my business.
My facebook post was my way of screaming out for help because I didn’t know what to do! I’ve NEVER
called the owners of Vintage Market a racist, but they have condoned the mistreatment……and that’s just as bad, if not worse.
I am a supporter of all the businesses on Elk Grove Blvd and I constantly send customers to other businesses in Old Elk Grove.
Lastly, my focus from this day forward is to bring unity to Elk Grove and the people who live here.
After leaving the Elk Grove Unified School District’s special board meeting last night, it is CLEAR that RACISM is very much alive in our city, especially east of the 99 freeway.  It is a serious problem in our schools as well.
Thank you Laguna Forum for allowing me to share my side. I am open to sitting down with all parties involved. I also sent a message to the Vintage Market owners.
I really appreciate those who support me.  I also understand that there will be those who don’t……and I’m okay with that.
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