Laguna Creek Trail


By Dalton and Darla Souza


Elk Grove is home to a number of trails that are great for walking your humans.  Most of the creeks in the city have some sort of walking trail along side them.


Today we are going to talk about the Laguna Creek Trail.  The great thing about this trail is that you can park at several locations to pick the trail up depending on if you’re walking, biking or driving.  There is an area to park where the trail starts near Bond and Waterman Roads. There is another area at Jack Hill Park, located at 9380 Porto Rosa Drive. While you’re there you can enjoy the park. There is a nice playground, picnic tables and a restroom.  There is another parking area, Delton Meyer Park, where the trail crosses Elk Grove – Florin Road, just south of Bond Road.  You can also park in the residential areas in Fallbrook or near Old Town Elk Grove.


The trail from the Bond/Waterman area to Elk Grove – Florin is about 1.5 miles.  There are times in the winter after a heavy rain that it will flood in several areas. Along the trail you will see a number of different species of wildlife. There are ducks, geese, otters, squirrels, beavers and turtles.  On a sunny day, if you are out on the trail mid morning or later, you will see turtles on top of downed tree branches soaking up the sun.  This is on the portion of the trail between the railroad tracks and Elk Grove – Florin Road.


The Laguna Creek Trail also continues past Elk Grove – Florin, behind the Starbucks and then crosses under Bond Road Road to the Camden area. The City of Elk Grove recently added a bridge that connects the west end of the Camden area with an extension of the trail that goes south to Bond Road near Cal Fit.  That adds about another mile to the trail. This also gives people access to shopping and dining in the area.


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