Theft victim helps recover stolen items after finding them at online site

Theft victim helps recover stolen items after finding them at online site


In something that most police agencies would likely say, “don’t try this at home”, a victim who had her items stolen, was able to find them for sale on an online site.  She then arranged to meet the suspect at the 4700 block of Elk Grove Blvd on Saturday, shortly before 5 pm.  The victim brought along a friend with her to the meet up.  There was a struggle between the victim’s friend and the suspect. During the struggle, the suspect threw the victim’s phone, then fled on foot. Arriving officers located the suspect and arrested him.  He was juvenile aged 16. He was issued a citation and then released to a parent.


Elk Grove Laguna News contacted the Elk Grove Police Department about this situation to get more information on the arrest and to find out what the EGPD suggests doing if you find yourself in a similar circumstance.


When someone takes the law into their own hands there is the opportunity for things to go wrong. Doing this can put not only their life but the lives of others in danger. It may also expose them to civil liability. We recommend calling us to investigate and handle the matter. We also recommend using our police department parking lot as a place to do complete online sales



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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    When there is nearly zero consequences for a thief of this type after being apprehended, plenty can go wrong too. With no deterrent they will keep getting more and more brazen in their criminal activities and possibly be a role model for other kids considering a life of crime.

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