City Council to discuss purchase of homes to help the homeless community

City Council to discuss purchase of homes to help the homeless community


At their next meeting on February 14, the Elk Grove City Council will hear staff reports on purchasing two homes to help the Elk Grove homeless community.


The first proposal is to agree on the purchase of a home located at 5725 Moon Creek Way for use as navigation housing for homeless families. The city is already in escrow on the home and is expected to close this week.  Staff is recommending the council finalize approval of the purchase.  The navigational housing will be temporary to help find more permanent housing solutions.

From the Staff Report Agenda Item 8.10


The Moon Creek property will serve only families with one or more minor children. First priority will be given to families who are literally homeless, meaning they are sleeping in a place not fit for human habitation, such as cars or tents. A connection to Elk Grove will be documented for all families, and the City’s navigator and/or other nonprofit staff will verify families have been staying in Elk Grove. A trained house monitor will live on-site and ensure that the property is well-maintained and the residents are respectful of neighbors and one another. Neighbors will receive contact information for SSHH/HSI in order to expedite response to any complaints. 


Property Characteristics and Rehabilitation The Moon Creek property has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is approximately 2,900 square feet. The layout is conducive to the creation of three, two-bedroom suites, plus a bedroom for the house leader. Common spaces include three full bathrooms, a kitchen, a living/dining room, a family room, and a small laundry room. There are at least five off-street parking spaces, including two in the garage, two in the driveway, and one to two spaces on an RV pad accessed through a gate in the backyard. The property is currently vacant.


Residents within 300 feet of the home were notified by letter on February 2.  One resident commented against the proposal.


The second proposal, Agenda Item 10.1,  is to authorize the city manager to purchase more homes, not to exceed $500,000 each or a total of $2 million. Currently the city manager has authorization to spend up to $50,000 without prior council approval. Staff is requesting the change to allow the city to compete in the current marketplace.  If the council approves the purchase of property on Moon Creek, then the $2 million would be reduced by the amount of that purchase.

*Update. The Elk Grove City Council denied staff’s proposal to allow the city manager to authorize purchasing of homes without council approval.


The city is receiving $5 million in funding from the state for housing to aid the homeless. The city will purchase two navigation hubs. These are homes to aid in short term transitional housing. One home will be for single adults. The other for families with at least one child.  Other homes purchased will be used for permanent shared housing.  Tenants will be very low income and pay $400-500 a month. There will not be a maximum length of stay.


The city is allocating $1 million to cover operating costs of the navigation centers, including utilities, repairs, and the costs for the house leader and case management. That amount is expected to subsidize approximately 10 years of operations in those homes. Operating costs for the permanent shared housing are expected to be covered by rents paid by tenants. 


City Staff is recommending the council approve both proposals.  There has been no further mention of the tiny homes idea that was brought up at a council meeting in November.  That idea was met with quite a bit of criticism on social media from local residents.



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  1. What is SSHH/ SHI mean?
    At the minimum it will give people something to talk about and city employees something to do.
    What the resident say in his comment about the proposal.
    This posting raises more questions than answers any questions.
    “A trained house monitor”…what’s that, where did they get trained and what are they trained for?

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