Marijuana is not the “harmless” plant some say it is

Marijuana is not the “harmless” plant some say it is


I’ll just get this out of the way to start and save people the trouble of complaining about my bias or my opinion. I have never done pot. Doubt I ever will.  I don’t really care if others do it. I don’t want to smell it because it stinks.  I think it’s fine for people that use it for medical reasons like cancer treatments that cause nausea, seizures, pain or whatever else they need it for.  No issue with any of that.


Let’s stop with the nonsense that it’s just a plant and it is harmless. This is not your father’s weed from the 60’s. This is more potent. More people are doing it and they are killing people while high on it.  People have said that smoking pot never killed anyone or people that smoke it aren’t dangerous.  “All they want to do is eat and sleep.”  They also commit crimes.  They also drive and kill people.


On Christmas Eve a Bay Area CHP officer was killed when a driver suspected of being DUI on alcohol and pot hit his police car going 120 mph. “Ali, who is suspected of driving with a blood alcohol level of .11 percent and also under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash, allegedly slammed into the back of the CHP patrol vehicle parked on the side of the freeway. Camilleri was in the front passenger seat. His partner, Jonathan Velasquez, was in the driver’s seat, and was also injured but has since been released from the hospital.”  Camilleri, 33, of Tracy, was a married father of three who had just graduated from the CHP academy in March.


A man changing his tire on I-80 was hit and killed by driver under the influence of marijuana last May.  “A 2015 Governors Highway Safety Association report found that drugged driving surpassed drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes — 43 percent tested positive for drugs or marijuana and 37 percent tested positive for alcohol”


Colorado. More drivers in fatal accidents are testing positive for marijuana.

The number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has risen sharply each year since 2013, more than doubling in that time, federal and state data show. A Denver Post analysis of the data and coroner reports provides the most comprehensive look yet into whether roads in the state have become more dangerous since the drug’s legalization.

Increasingly potent levels of marijuana were found in positive-testing drivers who died in crashes in Front Range counties, according to coroner data since 2013 compiled by The Denver Post. Nearly a dozen in 2016 had levels five times the amount allowed by law, and one was at 22 times the limit. Levels were not as elevated in earlier years.


Auto crashes on the rise in marijuana states.


Marijuana sending more teenagers to the emergency room, Children’s …


133% leap in children admitted to ER for marijuana, study finds – CNN


Extreme marijuana use linked to vomiting syndrome | The Sacramento …


Now we can all use google and you may find some stories that dispute these stories I posted.  You can’t deny the stories about traffic fatalities.  Those are facts. Facts that show marijuana is not a “harmless” plant.  That doesn’t even take into account the links between marijuana and crime.  People that commit crimes to while using marijuana or in possession of it.  So the next time someone says “marijuana is harmless”, you can show them the various links that will show that is not correct.  If you want to use it you can.  It’s now legal in California, but don’t try and justify it by saying it is harmless.  It’s not.  Ask the families of those killed by drivers under the influence.

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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    Your example of the citizen changing their tire under the influence of marijuana needs to be classified as Fake News, hyperbole or just pure made up BS.
    There is no test to certify that an individual is under the influence of marijuana. The available tests only measure if it has been consumed within the previous approximately 3 week period. That in itself is what disturbs me about legalization. No way to prove if ones child or in my case grandchild is riding in a school bus driven by someone that smoked pot this morning or at a party 2 weeks before.

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