Elk Grove City Council to hear report on proposed sales tax increase tonight

Elk Grove City Council to hear report on proposed sales tax increase tonight


At tonight’s meeting, the council will hear the results of a survey that was recently commissioned to ask residents their thoughts on a proposed sales tax increase of 0.5%.  The council is considering a tax increase to fund increased police services, improve transportation and roadways, maintain and improve local parks as well as build a new library and performing arts center.  A general sales tax increase would require 50% + 1 from the voters. A tax to fund a specific program, such as police services would require a 2/3 vote.


From the Staff Report:

Based upon the results of the research to date, staff recommends that the City Council consider the following next steps and direct staff as appropriate:

• Option 1 – Continue public outreach on the feasibility of a City sales tax measure, including additional meetings with the community and survey work as necessary to inform a future City Council decision later in 2018.

• Option 2 – Suspend all outreach work and consider the Strategic Imperative complete.


Also tonight the council is expected to approve the purchase of three solar powered surveillance trailers with telescoping masts. That cost would not exceed $90,000.  The Elk Grove Police Department currently has one surveillance trailer that they have used around the city. The trailer recently used in Old Town near the site of racist notes left on the door of an African American owned business.  The trailer was also used last year in a residential area near a home that was the subject of a high number of police calls.


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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    A sales tax increase would have the most adverse effect on the Auto Center. Not a good idea IMO.

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