School lockdowns, the new “normal”

School lockdowns, the new “normal”


By Doc Souza


Let me preface this by saying this in an opinion piece.  This is my opinion and mine alone. Well, not just mine, I think it’s also the opinion of a lot of people, but I can’t speak for them, but you get the point.  As most of you of know I am very opinionated and I put a lot of responsibility on parenting and the lack thereof. I am not afraid to call people out.  I am not into the political correctness BS, and I am not afraid to offend people, so if you are easily offended, stop reading.


Schools everywhere are dealing with lockdowns and social media threats in the wake of the school shooting in Florida last month.  This isn’t about gun control because that has nothing do with these “threats”. Banning of guns is not going to make our schools safer.  It will not keep guns out of the schools.  If you want guns out of schools, you will need increased security and metal detectors and have all backpacks searched. That’s the only way.  New laws won’t make things any safer. More security is needed at schools.  Recently at the EGUSD forum on racism, many parents complained about the presence of police officers on school grounds and the schools using police on disciplinary issues. In light of these recent shootings and threats, I don’t think less police is the answer. Every school should have an armed officer on campus to deal with any threat.


The past two weeks many local schools in Elk Grove and the Sacramento area have been locked down due to “threats”. Some are credible, most are not.  Some are because the schools are taking a very cautious approach, as they should.  They are treating every threat seriously. Kids are asked to say something if they hear or see something. On Wednesday, Cosumnes Oaks High School and Pinkerton Middle School were on lock down for over 90 minutes. Kids were texting their parents and parents were frantic about what was going on. Through the Elk Grove Laguna Forums page, I received around 30 messages and several text messages.  I contacted the EGPD and EGUSD to get some information before sharing.  There were lots of rumors about what happened. Some kids said there was a gun. Some kids said there were arrests.  According to the EGUSD, both of those were false.


What is causing this? Who knows.  Part of it is some of you are raising kids that are little A holes.  Yep, I said it.  A lot of this is because your kids are disrespectful little brats who lack discipline and you’re doing a lousy job being a parent.  I don’t care what your excuses are.  We are raising kids who are too soft.  They get away with way too much. You give kids a phone, with access to the Internet and social media and very little restrictions and this is what happens.  Most kids are good.  Some are not. When a school tells you that your kid is causing problems, take that as a reason to look more closely and not assume your kid is right and the school is wrong. The school could be wrong in some cases, but usually not. I’ve talked to quite a few teachers that have told me that parents are in denial. Things have changed dramatically in how we as parents back the schools. In my time, if you got in trouble at school, you got in more at home.  Now things are different. Some parents expect schools to raise their kids. Too much responsibility is placed on schools and not enough accountability is placed on parents. That’s why 14 year olds are being arrested with guns or for robbing people walking down the street.


Where are the parents? Unfortunately we live in a state where people who do bad things or break the law are not always punished. Sometimes they are protected. We are making it harder for those who are responsible for our safety and teaching our kids to do their jobs.  Now teachers have to not only worry about teaching kids, they are faced with the added responsibility of keeping them safe.  Possibly putting their lives in danger in a profession that should not require that.  Practicing lockdown drills is now a part of life. They will be asked to do even more in the future.


We are not holding parents accountable for their kids actions.  This is where someone will have an excuse or an example of a family that did all the right things and were good parents and their kids turned out bad. Those are exceptions and likely if you looked more closely at the situation you would find out there was more to the situation and signs the parents missed.


Now today, our kids go to school and are scared. It’s causing more stress on kids that have enough stress to deal with.  They have to deal with higher expectations, deciding what they want to do with their lives by the age of 14 or 15. Not getting into the college they want. Dealing with crap on social media like bullying and overall stupid behavior by some kids. And now, now they deal with school threats because of some idiot kids who think it’s funny or just want to cause problems.  I hope that all these incidents are investigated and if there is proof, I hope the kids are prosecuted and given the maximum punishment.  They should be expelled and forced to home school.  Put the responsibility back on the parents to make sure their kids get an education.




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