Amgen Tour pedals into Elk Grove May 17

Amgen Tour pedals into Elk Grove May 17


On May 17 Elk Grove residents will get to see both Men’s and Women’s Amgen Tour races in Elk Grove.


The day starts off with Stage 1 of the Women’s Race.  The race will start and end in Elk Grove.  The stage is just over 77 miles and will start at 11:05 am and is expected to end around 2:25 pm.

The race will start and finish in front of the new Aquatic Center and Commons on Civic Center Drive. This is just a half mile from where the men will finish their Stage 5. The women’s race winds through one of Elk Grove’s newer residential areas before turning south onto Franklin Boulevard and into the San Joaquin Valley and the rural California Delta region. The stage will tour several of the area’s beautiful riverbank and wetlands such that it will surely be a visual odyssey for the spectators and riders alike. Hugging the Sacramento River and several of its larger sloughs, this will be a flat and fast 80-mile route that should guarantee a day for the sprinters and an exciting finish back in Elk Grove.  


Map of Women’s Stage 1





In the afternoon, Stage 5 of the Men’s race will conclude in Elk Grove, after starting in Stockton.  Start time for the nearly 110 mile race is 11:20 am and is expected to finish by 3:40 pm.


After starting in Stockton, the race will head east to the foothills, eventually heading north through Ione, past Rancho Murieta and then back down through Wilton and onto to Herald. From there it will follow Twin Cities Road over highway 99 to Bruceville, where it will finish near the Elk Grove Aquatics Center on Civic Center Drive.

Map of Men’s Stage 5



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