Koi Rivers announces candidacy for Cosumnes Community Services District Board

Koi Rivers announces candidacy for Cosumnes Community Services District Board



By Doc Souza


Elk Grove resident Koi Rivers has announced that she will seek one of the two open board positions on the CSD Board this fall.  Rivers is a 14 year resident of Elk Grove.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Rivers this morning to talk about her campaign and what prompted her to run.  Rivers said that she was working in the corporate world and felt like it was not fulfilling enough for her, so she started her own marketing company. Rivers said it was a huge leap of faith, but a risk she felt was worth taking.  She said it also allowed her to do more in the community, which was another huge factor she did and the primary reason she is seeking a position on the CSD Board.


My first question to her was why are you running for the CSD Board? She talked at length about her experience working in the community now and how she sees this as a natural fit for her.  She is on the board for TLCS, (Transforming Lives, Cultivating Success), an organization that works with people with mental illness and helps them find housing.  She is also on the board of the Sacramento Theater Company and recently became an ambassador for the City of Elk Grove. She felt that experience will allow her to transition to the CSD board.


It is her love of arts and helping people that she sees as the main reasons for wanting to be on the CSD Board.  She would like to see the CSD do more with the community and sees them as a bridge between the City and the school district.  Her passion for the arts and helping others was very clear during our 25 minute talk.


Rivers also stressed that she is not a politician and isn’t running for the board for political reasons.  That was one statement that I found refreshing. All too often people run for local office as a stepping stone.  We are seeing that right now with many new candidates getting involved with local office as a means to get their foot in the door for political reasons.


Anyone that has read my columns and posts in the past year knows how I feel about politics coming into local elections and people running for the wrong reasons and not reasons that are altruistic and about helping Elk Grove be a better place to live and work.  Instead they are influenced by political parties pushing their agenda and trying to make Elk Grove more like Sacramento.  That topic came up during our talk and Rivers said she thinks Elk Grove needs to be it’s own city and not be like other cities. She said we are unique in our own way and big enough to forge our own path.  That was something I personally enjoyed hearing from her.  I was very impressed with her ideas things she would like to do on the board if she is elected.  She brings some fresh ideas and maybe a different perspective, with experience in some areas that could be helpful, like the arts and dealing with programs that help mentally ill and the homeless.


Rivers is hosting a campaign kickoff on Thursday, May 24 at Lola’s Restaurant  She has been endorsed by four of the five Elk Grove City Council members, Darren Suen, Stephanie Nguyen, Pat Hume and Steve Detrick.

For more information on River’s campaign, you can visit her website.


The CSD Board is elected “at large”. That means that anyone can run from anywhere in the district, which is actually larger than the City of Elk Grove and includes the area between Elk Grove and Galt, as well as the city of Galt.  Two of the five board positions are up for election this fall. The top two vote getters from all the candidates will be sworn in as board members.  So far four candidates have declared they are running, Rod Brewer, Jerry Braxmayer, Jaclyn Moreno and Koi Rivers.


The CSD is responsible for the parks in the district as well as providing fire protection and emergency medical services. For more information on the CSD, visit their website, www.yourcsd.com

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