Jennifer Garrett and Ashley Lovato announce new ownership of Kaia FIT Elk Grove

Jennifer Garrett and Ashley Lovato announce new ownership of Kaia FIT Elk Grove



Jennifer Garrett and Ashley Lovato, owners of Kaia FIT Laguna, announce they are the new owners of Kaia FIT Elk Grove. As of May 1, both Kaia FIT franchise locations in Elk Grove will be owned and operated by the same owners.


It all began 7 years ago when Jennifer Garrett and Ashley Lovato started as coaches at Kaia FIT Elk Grove, the first Kaia FIT franchise in Elk Grove. After working together as coaches for over a year, the two women decided to bring their love for Kaia even closer to home, by opening Kaia FIT Laguna in Laguna West, Elk Grove. Ownership of Kaia FIT Elk Grove changed hands a couple times but the tie between Jennifer, Ashley and Kaia Fit Elk Grove has always been strong. Now, 5 years after opening Kaia FIT Laguna, Jennifer and Ashley had an opportunity to become the owners of Kaia FIT Elk Grove, and they jumped at the opportunity.


“Kaia FIT Elk Grove has always been part of our story and now that we’re the new owners of the gym that brought us together is very special. The camaraderie that takes place in Kaia FIT classes, is why Kaia FIT is so unique. Without Kaia FIT, , we might not have never ever crossed paths.” Lovato said.

With two Kaia FIT gyms under one set of owners, this means two locations and more class times to choose from, a larger stronger community of women, and a combined presence and sisterhood in the Elk Grove community. “We’re expanding our schedules and offering a variety of classes to meet our clients’ needs. With two locations to choose from, it’ll be really hard to miss a workout.” Says Garrett.


About Kaia FIT

Kaia FIT is a fitness and lifestyle program. At Kaia FIT, every woman is an athlete and part of a team. We coach all levels of fitness from fitness enthusiasts to women who are new to movement. We focus on making each workout challenging for the individual, provide nutritional support and educate our clients to have skills for a healthy life.

You can view the class schedules and get more information by visiting www.laguna.kaiafit.com or www.elkgrove.kaiafit.com


Contact information:

Kaia FIT Laguna & Kaia FIT Elk Grove

Ashley Lovato 408-710-9326



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