Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary May 22, 2018

Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary

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Watch Summary
Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Time:            0033 hours
Report #:      18-003275
Charges:       PC 496 D(A), 148 (A)(1), HS 11377 (A), 11364
Location:       6400 block of Shasta Creek Dr.

Officers located as reported stolen vehicle parked in a driveway of a residence. Officers made contact at the residence and spoke with S-1 (Elk Grove resident). While speaking with officers, S-1 ran inside the residence and locked the door. For a short time, S-1 refused to exit the room but eventually complied. A search of the room led to the discovery of a controlled substance and narcotic paraphernalia. S-1 was arrested and then transported to the main jail.


Time:            1549 hours
Report #:      18-003288
Charges:       VC 10851 (A), 182 (A)(1)
Location:       Laguna Springs Dr. / Lotz Pkwy.
Suspect #1:  JUVENILE (BMJ, 17, ARRESTED)
Suspect #2:  JUVENILE (BMJ, 16, ARRESTED)
Suspect #3:  JUVENILE (BMJ, 17, ARRESTED)

A witness observed S-1 (Elk Grove resident), S-2 (Sacramento resident) and S-3 (Elk Grove resident) get into a new vehicle that was parked on the street outside an auto dealership. The witness ran over to try and prevent the suspects from driving away. All three suspects exited the new vehicle and fled on foot to an awaiting vehicle that had another person driving. The vehicle started to drive away from the scene when it was involved in a collision. All three suspects took off running. Responding officers established a perimeter and after an extensive search, all three suspects were located. All three suspects were taken into custody and then transported to juvenile hall.


Time:            1822 hours
Report #:      18-003295
Charges:       PC 664/ 459
Location:       9100 block of Brienne Way

V-1 observed S-1 (Elk Grove resident) on the roof of V-1’s residence standing near an open window. V-1 confronted S-1, who then took off running. Responding officers located and detained S-1. S-1 was arrested and then transported to the main jail.

PC 664/459 Felony
Bail: $50,000.00
Total Bail $50,000.00


Time:            2132 hours
Report #:      18-003298
Charges:       PC 148 (A)(1)
Location:       8700 block of Ardith Dr.

S-1 (Sacramento resident) was a passenger in a motor vehicle that had violated the vehicle code. Before officers could stop the vehicle, the driver accelerated rapidly and quickly stopped in front of a residence. S-1 exited the vehicle and fled into the residence. S-1 stayed inside the residence for several minutes and refused to come out. S-1 eventually exited the residence and was detained. S-1 was arrested and then transported to the main jail.



* All information is obtained from the Elk Grove Police Department Daily Watch Summary. Booking photos are provided by the Elk Grove Police Department if the suspects are still in custody.  All information is a matter of public record, and the media has a right to publish the information. Elk Grove Laguna News may remove booking photos if requested. Elk Grove CA.



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