Scott Jones still above 50% in Sac County Sheriff race

Scott Jones still above 50% in Sac County Sheriff race


Incumbent Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones continues to hold on to a lead and stay above the 50%+1 threshold to avoid a potential fall runoff.


Sacramento County registrar of voters released another vote count this afternoon that shows Jones holding steady at over 52% with a little over 77,000 votes left to count.  Jones’ lead had shrunk some from the initial 54% on election night to the current 52.26%.  Since election night, around 140,000 votes have been counted, bringing the total to 244,460.  In order for Jones to fall below 50%, he would need to only get receive around 43.5% of the remaining 77,000 votes.  That would seem unlikely given that his lead has stayed in the 52-54% range through the first 244,000 votes.



In other election news, Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert will retain her job as DA.  Her lead has remained stead at 63% since election night. The challenger, Noah Phillips, has since conceded the election.



The DA election has led to acrimony in the local democratic party with party leaders upset that some local democrat office holders endorsed Schubert, who is a republican, for the non partisan DA race. Earlier today the local Democratic Party committee announced that 3 public official, Sacramento City Council members Steve Hansen and School Board member Darrel Woo were kicked out of the party’s central committee for endorsing Schubert.


The Elk Grove Democratic group has not been without it’s own drama earlier this week, as supporters of current Mayor Steve Ly tried to change the party endorsement procedures and force an early vote on who the local group would endorse. That led to a lengthy debate among the attendees.

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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    If it takes this long to count the votes then it’s a flawed system. Someone needs to be fired for condoning its use and we should return to using the old mouse trap. This is not better on any level.

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