Mi Rancho bringing 250 jobs to Elk Grove

Mi Rancho bringing 250 jobs to Elk Grove


A Bay Area company is expanding to Elk Grove and bringing in 250 jobs.


Bay Area tortilla maker, Mi Rancho has announced plans to expand into Elk Grove over the coming months. The San Leandro based company bought the former Bimbo Bakery location at 10115 Iron Rock Way for $8.1 million and will be spending $25 million to retrofit the building.  They will start operations within 90 days, and be fully operational in two years. They will eventually employ up to 250 people.


According to the City of Elk Grove press release, the city is offering incentives to the company, The City is currently evaluating an incentive package for Mi Rancho which, if approved by the Elk Grove City Council, will provide monetary incentives to the company in exchange for accelerated project delivery and hiring, future expansion, and bonus incentives for hiring Elk Grove residents.

“We are excited to welcome Mi Rancho to our city,” said Economic Development Director Darrell Doan.  “We worked with Mi Rancho for over a year to secure their commitment to Elk Grove, and their decision is proof that our value proposition as a business location is resonating with companies. We can’t say enough good things about the Berber family, and we look forward to a long partnership with them as they grow in Elk Grove.”


The expansion of Mi Rancho to Elk Grove represents a positive step for the city of Elk Grove as it tries to shed its image of being a bedroom community. The city currently has the worst jobs to residents ratio in the Sacramento area.  In recent years the city has lured several state offices to Elk Grove. Retailer Costco will open in September, bringing several hundred more jobs to the city.


Full City Press Release

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