Chipotle opening second location in Elk Grove

Chipotle opening second location in Elk Grove?


Several years ago fans of Chipotle had hoped for a second location in Elk Grove. The only current location in Elk Grove in on Laguna Blvd near Bruceville. The Elk Grove location is one of the most crowded Chipotle’s in the area.  Some of that changed in the last few years after the company’s issues with food poisoning in 2015 and more in 2017.  The chain recently announced they were closing over 60 locations.


According to job listings on Craigslist and on Chipotle’s own website, they are opening a new location in Elk Grove at 4730 Elk Grove Blvd.  That would put it at the corner of Elk Grove Blvd and Franklin Blvd, in the same center as Raley’s. There was nothing on their website regarding a new location opening soon in Elk Grove.  With over 175,000 residents, Elk Grove is a prime spot for another location.  Earlier this year Chipotle opened in the new Delta Shores area along Interstate 5.


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