Councilwoman Stephanie Nguyen responds to Steve Ly’s claim of saving the Costco deal

Councilwoman Stephanie Nguyen responds to Steve Ly’s claim of saving the Costco deal


By Stephanie Nguyen


As the newest member of the Elk Grove City Council and the second woman in history to serve on the council, I have learned a lot and relish  the honor and opportunity to serve our community.

Unfortunately, I am also witnessing the ugly side of politics where certain individuals try to capitalize on any opportunity for self-promotion. In reference to the “A Look at Elk Grove’s Upcoming Costco,” Mayor Ly made false statements about his involvement in the issue. I may have been new on the council when the topic of Costco was discussed, but I took the time to meet with Costco representative and staff to be fully briefed. Costco felt strongly that the current location best met their operational needs given the anticipated population growth of the area and its stores along highway 99 in Sacramento and Lodi. Furthermore, the city manager and finance officer were the negotiators on the economics. Councilmembers Detrick and Hume also played significant roles in the discussions with Costco and the city leadership team. The negotiations were spirited indeed, but successful in the end because of a team effort from many, not from any single individual. These kinds of inflationary and self-promoting statements are another example of why Mayor Ly does not have the trust of the current city council. It is an honor to serve as your council woman and incumbent upon me to call out these behaviors when I see it.

In Community,

Stephanie Nguyen

Elk Grove Councilmember,  District 4

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