Elk Grove hit by three armed robberies Thursday night

Elk Grove hit by three armed robberies Thursday night


Last night Elk Grove was hit by three armed robberies that Elk Grove police believe are related.  All three were related to online transactions and suspect descriptions were similar


The first incident took place in the 8300 block of Lotz Parkway shortly before 8  pm.  The victim arranged to meet the two suspects to complete the online transaction when one of the suspects, a Hispanic male, 20-25 years old, pulled a gun out and demanded the victim’s property.  The second suspect was described as a black male, 20-25 years old, 5’7”, thin build. Both suspects fled on foot.


The second incident occurred shortly before 9 pm in the 8700 block of Halverson Drive.  Similar situation to the first. Two suspects arranged to meet the victim. Suspect #1 described as a white male pulled a gun. Second suspect matched the description of the first incident, Black male, 20-25.  A third suspect described as a Black male was in an older tan o gray SUV, that was used as the getaway vehicle


The third robbery took place in the 9300 block of Feickert Drive. Two suspects arranged to meet the victim.  Similar suspect descriptions to the first two robberies!  The two suspects fled on foot


Elk Grove police are asking for the community’s assistance that live around the areas of Feickert and McKee Elementary that have video surveillance to let us know. Those with surveillance cameras in those areas are asked to call (916) 714-5115 so their investigators can come out and review their footage from last night.

Also on their Facebook page, they provided some tips when conducting transactions like this:
– Conduct the transaction at a police department. Although police officers will not be present during the transactions, by arranging to meet at the police department it will deter any potential crimes and keep you from being a victim. It also allows you to meet someone without inviting people to where you live.
– Always meet during daylight hours.
– Have a friend or family member go with you.
– Trust your gut. If an item seems too good to be true or something about the sale feels off, it probably is.

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