Driving Is More Integral To Elk Grove Than Ever


Driving Is More Integral To Elk Grove Than Ever



By Cindy Trillo


Statistics show that more than 75,000 people in Elk Grove have a half hour commute to work each day, and for at least three out of four of those, driving is the only means of transport available. Amidst that much commuting, 827 people were killed or injured in Elk Grove car collisions in 2015 alone. With the number of vehicles on the road set to increase, it’s important to know what Elk Grove is doing to make local roads safer for drivers than ever before.


Elk Grove wants to be transparent about the traffic situation

Elk Grove has an open list of traffic projects intended to increase driver safety shortly. Among these is a focus on calculating travel times along Elk Grove Boulevard, Laguna Boulevard, and Bond Road. Using this data, they plan to adjust the traffic light stop times in the vicinity of Dutch Bros to increase traffic flow and cut down on the frustration some drivers may be experiencing during these stops that have led to an increase in accidents. It is expected that this plan will enable private and commercial vehicles to share the roads safely and drivers will experience less stress on the road.


The leading cause of wrecks is a willful ignorance of speeding law

When it comes to the causes of wrecks, according to the 2015 survey by the traffic administration, roughly 189 had been caused due to speeding, or nearly 22% of all wrecks. As a result, it’s easy to see why there’s such a focus on getting drivers to lay off the gas pedal in the area. On the other hand, there were 306 DUI arrests, and only 69 crashes involving alcohol, suggesting that efforts to stop drunk driving have been at least somewhat successful.


How drivers can help

So what can you do to help? To be honest, officials say the best thing drivers can do right now is pay attention to local signs. In most changes to the traffic system, updates are posted upwards of three weeks in advance so that drivers in the area will be informed and adjust to the changes in their commute. With so many projects underway to increase the number of roundabouts and decrease the number of accidents, staying informed is a difficult but crucial task.


The number of drivers in Elk Grove is on the rise. That said, officials in the traffic department have already begun working on several projects to improve road efficiency, and have even proposed a schedule for projects to be completed in the next five years to that effect. In the meantime, the best thing drivers can do is slow down, practice basic safety precautions, and stay informed of the changes to traffic lights and highways so they can follow proper traffic laws.

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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    Someone in City Hall needs to champion the synchronization of the signal lights. The timing needs to be studied and adjustments made. No other similar size city or suburb in the greater Sacramento area has lights as out of whack like these are.

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