People before politics? The hypocrisy of local democrats

People before politics? The hypocrisy of local democrats



The election is just over two months away and that means things are going to be heating up in local races as we enter the home stretch of the campaign. Several local democrats running in non partisan races are joining forces, urging voters to for “Elk Grove’s Democratic Team” in campaign literature being distributed. Those banding together are Steve Ly, Andres Ramos, Orlando Fuentes, Jaclyn Moreno and Rod Brewer. In the same literature there is a headline that says “People before politics.”



So let’s get this straight, democrats are urging people to vote for democrats in the upcoming election for non partisan races and then saying “people before politics”?  Here’s the other interesting point. In two of the races they are running against, wait for it, other democrats.  In the race for Mayor, Ly is running against fellow democrats Darren Suen and Tracie Stafford.  Suen has received support across party lines from fellow council members, and Republicans, Steve Detrick and Pat Hume. Suen also has been endorsed by the Elk Grove Police Officers Association, the local firefighters union and other elected officials such as Assemblyman Jim Cooper and Elk Grove School Board Trustees Bobbie Singh-Allen and Nancy Chaires Espinosa. The latter three also being democrats.  The local Elk Grove Democratic party and Sacramento democratic party have been critical of democrats who endorse Republicans even in non partisan races, such Sacramento County DA, Sheriff and council races.  Going so far as to remove members from party positions. Ly has found himself in a strange position, he’s the incumbent but none of the other council members support him. All support Suen.


Stafford appears to have been abandoned by local party officials entirely. It was a little less than a year ago that California Democratic Party official Amy Champ said this in a comment on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page, “Luckily the Democratic Party supports Tracie and we will do everything in our power to get her elected. Trolls, get ready. Amy Champ Regional Director, CDP Region”  Champ was later reminded by another party official that this is a non partisan race.  With the other candidates aligning themselves with Ly, some of whom are part of the “progressive” wing of the party, as is Stafford, it seems to leave her with very little support.


Fuentes is running against a fellow democrat, Stephanie Nguyen, who was appointed to fill Ly’s seat. The interesting thing about that race is that local democrats are pushing for more women to get involved, yet Fuentes who is halfway into a 4 year term on the Cosumnes Community Services District Board, is challenging Nguyen for the council seat.  If the democrats want more women in politics, why support someone running against a woman who has the inside track? Or do they want women that they support, and not someone like Nguyen that support police officers and can reach across party lines.  Fuentes proudly supported Milo Fitch who challenged Sheriff Scott Jones and lost, as well as Noah Phillips who lost by nearly 2 to 1 to Anne Marie Schubert for DA. Fuentes joined in calling for Suen and Nguyen to take back their endorsement of DA Schubert. That’s putting politics before people.


In the Cosumnes Community Services Board race, Jaclyn Moreno, the self proclaimed founder of the Elk Grove Resistance, a group created after the 2016 election to fight back against President Trump, is running in her first election.  Moreno is hoping to take advantage of the anti- Trump sentiment. The “Resistance” is a local group that supports far left progressive candidates. They also supported Fitch and Phillips in the June election. Some members have also pushed for a police commission in Elk Grove as well as changing how residents vote for city council members.


Others running in the CSD Board race include incumbent Rod Brewer, who is a close ally of Ly and Jerry Braxmeyer and Koi Rivers. Braxmeyer is a long time Elk Grove resident, who serves on the Elk Grove Food Bank and Elk Grove Chamber Board. Rivers is a local businesswoman and arts supporter who would bring a new perspective to the board.


From my perspective the campaign mailer is a good reminder of who NOT to vote for.  As someone who believes that crime and safety is our number 1 priority and someone that supports police, none of these candidates in the mailer are people that I would vote for. They are all putting politics BEFORE people.  None are supportive of police, in my opinion. As I have talked about several times, there is a push to make Elk Grove more like Sacramento, and have Sacramento politics intertwined with Elk Grove. I believe that would be a disaster for the city.  We do not need party politics in Elk Grove.


I will support people who I believe are best for Elk Grove, regardless of party affiliation. People like Suen, Nguyen, Hume, Braxmeyer, Rivers, Cooper and Singh- Allen. Not people who are democratic party operatives, pushing a political agenda like the 5 in the mailer.


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