Apple unveils new iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple unveils new iPhone and Apple Watch


As usual Apple CEO Tim Cook came out to start off the event and welcome viewers. The event started off with Apple Watch. Cook said that Apple Watch is now the #1 selling watch in he world.  The new Apple Watch will be Series 4.  Screens are 30% larger on Series 4. More customizable watch faces.  More health features, such as more heart rate monitoring. New sensors will allow you to take an electrocardiogram (ECG).  2 times faster performance. Swim proof. Same battery life. GPS and cellular.

Order on 9/14 and delivery on 9/21

Prices start at $399



Up next iPhone. iPhone is #1 smart phone in the world.  iPhone XS (10S). 3 finishes, gold, silver, or space gray.  If you drop your phone in the water, it will be protected for up to 2 minutes at 30 meters. Two screen sizes, 5.8″ and 6.5″. New screen covers the whole phone, reducing the size of the phone and giving it a larger screen. The iPhone XS (5.8″) will be smaller in size than the 8 Plus, but have larger screen because the phone is now all screen.  The 6.5″ is the iPhone XS Max. More powerful A12 chip. Better camera, more power, more clarity. Dual SIM cards to allow iPhone to have two numbers.

You can order the Xs and Xs Max, this Friday, September 14 and they will ship by September 21.

Prices start at $999 for the Xs and $1099 for the Xs Max. Both phones will come in 64, 256 and 512 GB sizes.



Third iPhone, X R.  Liquid Retina display. It is meant to be a bridge between the iPhone 8 and the X.

Price: $749 and you can order it on October 19.





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