Promoting The Child’s Best Interests Amid Tumultuous Divorces

Promoting The Child’s Best Interests Amid Tumultuous Divorces


By Cindy Trillo



A piece of good news – nationally, divorce rates continue to fall. According to CDC statistics, the probability of a marriage lasting has risen 16% over the past 20 years. The bad news is that this isn’t always the case in Elk Grove and wider Sacramento; in fact, divorce rates have doubled for over 50s and remained constant in younger generations.

The major impact of this is on children. Studies have shown that divorce proceedings prioritize material wealth and point scoring through the courts over the mental health and integrity of children. With political changing that will alter the face of divorce, what steps can be taken to always ensure the promotion of a child’s best interests?

Speeding up the legal process

One of the most damaging parts of divorce – when it comes to children – is a drawn out process. According to a study reported by CNBC, traumatic divorce proceedings can create PTSD in kids which only presents later on in life. Arguably the first step, then, is to ensure that proceedings are as quick as possible. The new divorce bill making its way through the house may slow this down, as it creates new conflicts with the taxation of payments; however, through opting for vehicles such as collaborative divorce and mediation, parents can protect their children by taking the bull by the horns. A group of expert Scottsdale divorce lawyers, based in notoriously divorce-heavy state AZ, have recommended this method as an effective way to protect children. Working in a collaborative, rather than confrontational, manner, can speed the divorce up by 75%.

Maintaining the talking

Collaboration should continue far past divorce. Third generation Elk Grove native Ed Goldman has pointed out the benefit of continued collaboration. Through his experience over a 40 year career in Elk Grove and the wider area, he has stated this is one of the best solutions. By continuing to communicate about your child and to plot a course, you can provide a supportive environment for your child. This is one of the key tips recommended by the Child Encyclopedia to ensure your child’s health going forward, as it prevents a disconnect between the family and maintains normality.

From here, you can branch into activities, joint visits, and more. The concept is simple but can be difficult to complete in real life, but, essentially, a child should be shielded from the nuts and bolts of a divorce. Awareness is one thing; knowledge of the dirty laundry is another.

To protect your child from the effects of divorce, first ensure that the process is quick and easy. This will make life easier from the outset for your loved ones. Secondly, keep communication open, frank, and honest, and never accept less throughout your parenthood.

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