Elk Grove adds mobile crisis support team to address mental health issues

Elk Grove adds mobile crisis support team to address mental health issues


Press release from Sacramento County:


Sacramento County is excited to announce the implementation of a new Mobile Crisis Support Team (MCST) with the Elk Grove Police Department. The Mobile Crisis Support Team in Elk Grove is one of six teams implemented in the Sacramento region to respond and address mental health crises. In addition to Elk Grove, the County also has Mobile Crisis Support Teams in the north and south areas of unincorporated Sacramento County, and in the cities of Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, and Folsom.
The Mobile Crisis Support Team program is funded by the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS) through the voter approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MSHA), and is a collaboration between Sacramento County DBHS and local law enforcement agencies.
With the goal of mitigating crises in the community, members of the Mobile Crisis Support Team include a specially trained officer and licensed mental health professional who respond together to emergency calls that involve a mental health crisis. In addition, the team has a County-contracted Peer Navigator provided by TLCS, Inc.  The Peer Navigator follows up with individuals with potential mental health needs to ensure they are offered support in navigating care systems and linked to appropriate services.
“The Mental Crisis Support Team provides immediate engagement with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis for the purpose of providing care and maintaining community safety,” said Uma Zykofsky, LCSW, Sacramento County Behavioral Health Director. “Although there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all model’ for those who have mental illness, it is important to recognize that with services or resources these individuals live productive and fulfilling lives in the community and manage mental health conditions the same way individuals of all ages manage and live with other chronic illnesses.”
When calls for service come into the Elk Grove Police Department, the Mobile Crisis Support Team triages and responds to those with a mental health component, including calls that may have resulted from trauma or acute distress. The licensed mental health professional provides assessment and consultation to law enforcement and emergency personnel to develop a plan for mediating a mental health crisis to decrease unnecessary incarceration or hospitalization.
Elk Grove Police Chief Bryan Noblett, said, “We are very pleased to be able to partner with Sacramento County in providing this vital and much needed service to our Elk Grove community.  Our officers respond to a high number of calls for service involving people in crisis and the addition of this Mobile Crisis Support Team will greatly assist in connecting those individuals in distress with the clinical assistance they need.”
The goals of MCST are to:
  • Provide safe, compassionate and effective responses to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Mediate the current crisis to increase public safety
  • Decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and unnecessary incarcerations for those experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Increase member participation with mental health providers by problem solving barriers and increasing knowledge of local resources
Depending on the potential mental health needs, individuals can be linked to services through the Mobile Crisis Support Team and includes outpatient mental health and/or drug and alcohol treatment services as well as linkage to community resources, such as housing/shelters/respite centers, veteran services, benefits, food and clothing, social connection resources, and medical resources.
Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services
The Mobile Crisis Support Team partnership with law enforcement is one of several services in Sacramento County. Learn about how residents can get mental health services in Sacramento County:
  • Call the Mental Health Access Team​ to request mental health services and an over-the-phone assessment in order to be referred to an appropriate mental health service provider
  • If you or a loved one has an immediate mental health and/or co-occurring substance abuse need, the Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic provides services on a voluntary, walk-in basis.
    • For hours, call 916-520-2460
    • Location: 2130 Stockton Blvd., Building 300, Sacramento, CA 95817
  • If you need some support during times of a mental health crisis, the TLCS Crisis Respite Centerprovides services in a warm, homelike atmosphere for up to a 23-hour period in a supportive stabilizing environment.
  • Peer support services and self-help groups/classes to empower individuals with psychiatric disabilities are available at Wellness & Recovery Centers
    • Locations:
      • North location: 3637 Mission Ave., Building B, Carmichael, CA 95608 / 916-485-4175
      • South location: 7171 Bowling Dr., Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95823 / 916-394-9195
  • For anyone experiencing homelessness, the Guest House Homeless Clinic, provides mental health support services during weekday hours.
    1. Location: 600 Bercut Dr., Sacramento, CA 95811
    2. Call 916-440-1500 for additional information
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