2018, the year of getting offended

2018, the year of getting offended

The “I’m offended” culture in the USA has run amok and threatens to ruin the country unless people start standing up to it.  Everyone is trying to get their piece of the “I’m offended” or “discriminated against” pie.  Now groups are fighting with each other over the crumbs that are left, and who is more offended or discriminated against.  It was only a matter of time before that happened.  Eventually they will turn on each other.

We have seen a slow march to this point over the years.  People get offended by virtually everything.  They are offended by common place words such as “mankind” and “humanity”. Here in Elk Grove, a group of women from the “Resistance” movement were offended by a city slogan that highlighted the “man” in humanity.  You can read that article here — Humanity   This exemplifies how ridiculous and tone deaf this can be, that in the midst of a town hall meeting on race relations, another group took offense to something that was not offensive and made a big deal out of it. It was neither the time nor the place, but they wanted their piece of that offended pie.  Then they later complained because the media made mention of it after it became public on social media.  They spoke to the media about it themselves, which is what led to it being on social media. They just didn’t expect a negative backlash because they live in an echo chamber where everyone walks on eggshells to avoid offending anyone.

At Halloween dressing up as a someone that was different from your own race was either racist or cultural appropriation, as was the case for people dressing up as the character from the Disney movie, Moana, if they were white.  Imagine the backlash if a non white girl dressed as Snow White, and someone said she couldn’t because she wasn’t white.  It’s absurd.  Unless the character is meant to be offensive, like “black face”, then who cares what color your skin is if you’re dressing to be a character from TV or a movie.

This past holiday season saw people offended at “Baby it’s cold outside”, and saying it was about “date rape” and it even spawned a new term, “rapey”.  They said the song sounds “rapey”.  I had to laugh at a woman who commented on a local media page on the subject when she said she was in the car with her 11 year old son and he asked her if she heard the lyrics to the song and then told her it sounded “rapey” and then they high fived.  I told her he had to have heard or read that somewhere and that no 11 year old is commenting on that song and saying it’s “rapey” unless they saw it somewhere else.  Meanwhile, songs that are actually about date rape and violence towards women and others are not criticized, but seen as “art”.

Even Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer didn’t escape offending some people. Santa was called a bully, Clarice was materialistic and Santa’s reindeer were misogynists for how they treated the female reindeer.  Some local parents said they wouldn’t let their daughters watch it because of how the characters were portrayed.

The ridiculousness of these stories is almost unbelievable, but then nothing is unbelievable when you are looking to be offended by something as evidenced by a story from PETA that said cows milk is a symbol of white supremacy.  You can’t make this up.  I saw a great quote about this and unfortunately can’t find it.  The person said these stories make it no longer necessary for satire because the stories seem almost unbelievable and have to be satire.  The PETA story is something you would expect from the Onion.  That’s why people sometimes believe stories from the Onion because nothing seems unbelievable.

If people are offended, they can’t just accept it and move on. Or on social media, scroll past a story and move on. No, they feel the need to take action. if you’re an employee, they will try to get you fired. If you’re a business owner they will try and hurt your business. Every word is parsed as they look for ways to be offended. People go through old social media posts from celebrities and athletes who may have said something that they feel is offensive, years in the past.

Enough is enough. It is time to call out the ridiculousness of these complaints and not let a few people who wake up in the morning looking to be offended change how everyone else behaves just to suit them.  Let’s hope in 2019 that people decide to fight back before this gets worse.

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