Blue Line Flag Controversy

On Thursday, January 10, 2019 a 22 year old police officer was ambushed and killed. The next day a group from the University of California Davis posted on their Facebook page about the incident offering two sentences of condolences followed by several paragraphs condemning the “blue line” flag used by supporters of law enforcement across the nation. The blue line symbolizes the thin blue line between good and evil, between the citizens and the criminals. Law enforcement officers represent the thin blue line.

In an effort to discredit police and their supporters, there are those who are saying the blue line flag represents racism. This is because some racists are using the flag to replace the confederate flag. So because a very small percentage may be using it to for their own misguided cause, that means the rest of us who use it to honor and support law enforcement are racists or supporting a racist cause? No, and this is something we cannot accept nor let them control the narrative of. Just as these groups don’t want to be judged by the actions of a few, they should follow their own advice.

In the case of the Davis students, they are upset over an image of Officer Corona holding a blue line flag that is being shared over and over.

The photo above represents her feelings toward law enforcement. She comes from a family of law enforcement and is the daughter of a retired deputy. She chose this photo and nothing more beautifully displays the person she is.

In their post, a group that calls itself the ASUCD Ethnic And Cultural Affairs Commission said “Flashing lights, sirens and increased police presence can be triggering to many Black and Brown people. In addition, there has been the circulation of an image of the police officer with the Blue Lives Matter flag. We would like to directly address that this flag represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement. Blue Lives Matter was the police response to Black communities drawing attention to the reality of police violence. This was done in an effort to evade accountability and critical awareness of police treatment of communities of color. The fla has been used by the alt-right and is often seen side by side with the confederate flag. To decontextualize the flag would be an erasure of its symbolism of political repression and white supremacy………The flag is blatantly anti black and disrespectful.”

The post drew widespread negative attention and was either removed or the group closed their page. Members of the group also echoed similar sentiments on their own pages and were heavily criticized.

The community of Davis is grieving the loss of a young woman whose life was cut short by a murderer. They are trying to make sense of the loss and consoling each other and local law enforcement. There are blue ribbons all over the city. There are two memorials. One at the site of the shooting and the other at the Davis Police Department.

For a group of people in the same city to then turn around and call out law enforcement, friends and family over a flag and how that flag makes THEM feel is not only inconsiderate and selfish, it is disgusting. Right now it’s not about a bunch of kids who are triggered about support for a fallen officer. Let the community grieve. If you want to share your issues with the flag, do so at a later time. Posting something within 24 hours after a murder is ridiculous. The community needs to stand up and make their feelings known about this selfish act. We cannot allow a group of people to change the narrative and what the blue line flag actually means. It is not about racism. It is about supporting law enforcement. No one is forced to support to law enforcement, but you don’t get to tell others what they can either.

Hopefully the blue line flag will continue to fly proudly throughout the city of Davis for a long time. Hopefully there will be blue line flags all over the city on every corner to remind residents of the sacrifice made by Officer Corona.

If you would like to buy a blue line flag, you can buy it online for $20.

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