New brewery coming to Old Town Elk Grove area

New brewery coming to Old Town Elk Grove area

Elk Grove could see it’s 5th craft brewery opening up later this year, if it is approved by the Elk Grove Planning Commission at their next meeting on Thursday, February 21. The business is asking for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

The name of the brewery is Hungry Pecker Brewing Company. Their plan is to open at a location at 9251 Elk Grove Blvd, near the intersection of Porta Rosa and Elk Grove Blvd. The business will feature a tasting room up front, with a brewery in the back. Similar to other local breweries, they will not be serving food.

Hungry Pecker Brewing will join Waterman Brewing in the Old Town area. Other breweries in Elk Grove include Flatland Brewing Company and Tilted Mash Brewing, near Highway 99, north of Grantline and Dreaming Dog Brewery on the west side in the Stone Lake area.

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