Proposed Elk Grove hospital again hot topic at city council meeting

Proposed Elk Grove hospital again hot topic at city council meeting

The proposed Elk Grove hospital was once again the hot topic at the Elk Grove city council meeting earlier this week. During public comment at the start of the meeting, several residents spoke against the proposed hospital for over an hour.

Mayor Steve Ly took the brunt of the comments after a video showed a man that works for him, taking pictures of protesters on Saturday near an event that Ly was attending at California Northstate University, the applicant for the proposed hospital.

The video showed Ty Sorci, whose job title is external liaison for the City of Elk Grove, was photographing the protesters standing on the sidewalk. Sorci is often seen at events with Ly, taking photos of the Mayor. During the protest several residents were upset that Sorci was taking photos of people there, including children.

The video made the rounds of social media with residents asking for an investigation. Mayor Ly sent out a press release to local media, except for Elk Grove Laguna News and Elk Grove Laguna Forums. Ly pledged the matter would be investigated.

At the council meeting, speaker after speaker criticized Ly and the council for the lack of transparency on the hospital issue and several took issue with Ly specifically for his actions and that of Sorci. They asked for a response from Ly and the council about when they first became aware of the proposed hospital.

One speaker shared an email from Elk Grove Economic Development Director Darrell Doan regarding the hospital. Doan said that he first became aware of the proposal in July 2017.

Public comments from the meeting

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