Three juveniles arrested in last week’s marijuana armed robbery

Three juveniles arrested in last week’s marijuana armed robbery

Elk Grove detectives have arrested three juveniles in connection with last week’s armed robbery over a marijuana transaction in which shots were fired at the victim.

This was posted on the Elk Grove Police Department’s Facebook page

On 4/2/19, the suspects arranged with the victim to meet at the victim’s residence so the victim could buy marijuana. A little before midnight on 4/2/19, the suspects arrived in a vehicle at victim’s residence. The victim got into the vehicle and they drove to a nearby parking lot. One of the suspects pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded the victim’s property. Fearing for his safety, the victim gave the suspects his property. The suspects drove the victim back into the neighborhood (Plainoak Way and Red Elk Drive) and let the victim exit the vehicle. As the victim was walking away, the suspect with the gun fired 2-3 shots in the victim’s direction. The victim was not injured. The suspects left the area.

Our detectives took over the investigation and were able to identify three of the suspects, including the suspect that had the gun and had shot at the victim. Last week, two of the suspects were arrested by our investigations unit and the third was taken into custody yesterday with the assistance of the Sacramento Police Department. All three suspects are juveniles (Sacramento residents) and were booked at juvenile hall on robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and conspiracy charges.

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