Tow truck recovered from Sacramento River today, body found inside

Tow truck recovered from Sacramento River today, body found inside

Earlier today salvage crews recovered a tow truck that had been in the Sacramento River since March 26. The body of a female was inside, believed to be Roselyn Sharma. The Sacramento Coroner will confirm the identity.

The body of Shalvinesh Sharma was found on Thursday morning, floating in the river, near the West Sacramento side of the river, some 5 miles away from the crash site near the Pioneer Bridge.

The recovery of the truck and both bodies brings closure to the family and friends who have been waiting for over 2 weeks. The the fast moving high water coupled with zero visibility has hampered the salvage efforts. A barge was brought in on Thursday morning from Vallejo to recover the two truck.

On Saturday divers were able to make physical contact with the truck and attached wires. Then this morning they were able to return and attach more wires to allow the truck to be raised out of the water.

The accident occured on March 26, and tow truck went over the guardrail into the river. It took several days to located the exact location of the truck.

Video from the CHP showing the raising of the two truck

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