CSD Board votes to temporarily ban fishing at Elk Grove Park Lake

CSD Board votes to temporarily ban fishing at Elk Grove Park Lake

Last night the Cosumnes Community Services District Board voted to place a moratorium on fishing at the Elk Grove Park Lake at Elk Grove Regional Park.

The temporary ban will allow the CSD to work with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to come up with a plan to protect the wildlife at the lake.

Some of the issues the park has faced include injured wildlife in and near the lake, as well as trash being left behind, such as fishing line. The CSD has been working with the CDFW to improve conditions, but CSD staff felt that it was not adequate enough and asked for more time to come up with a plan.

Some of the steps taken included: increased shoreline patrol, covered concrete trash receptacles, fishing line recycling containers, additional patrols by the CDFW and duck and geese feeding education. According to the staff report, wildlife specialists have observed negative health impacts on the ducks and geese after they have been fed bread and other highly processed human foods.

Some of the future steps taken could include a ban on fishing or limiting when fishing can take place as well as increasing regulations at the park lake.

No timeline has been established on when the moratorium on fishing will begin.

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  1. stevel1959 says:

    That’s a bummer to ban fishing at the lake in Elk Grove Park. I didn’t know it was a problem for wildlife and the park. Instead of baning it why not stock it and have a fishing party.

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