Violent 48 hours in Elk Grove

Violent 48 hours in Elk Grove

The Elk Grove Police Department has had a busy weekend with three violent incidents, two of which dealt with officer involved shootings.

It started with the carjacking of a SMUD truck on Friday afternoon. The SMUD employee was assaulted as the suspect took his work truck. The ensuing chase damaged property and involved the Elk Grove Police Department and Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. At one point the suspect drove towards an Elk Grove Police officer who fired at the suspect. The suspect was not hit by gun fire and was eventually arrested.

On Friday night two family members were stabbed by another family member on a quiet cul de sac in East Elk Grove. A suspect was later arrested.

Late Saturday night, two Elk Grove police officers were investigating a possible burglary when they encountered a suspect. The suspect fled and during the chase, officers fired on the suspect. Two officers were shot in the leg and the suspect received life threatening injuries.

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