Elk Grove Police Department releases 2018 annual report

Elk Grove Police Department releases 2018 annual report

The Elk Grove Police Department has released its 2018 annual report for the city. Contrary what is often stated on social media, most crime in the city is down for the 3rd straight year. Only larceny/theft was up.

Some highlights from the report:

  • 5.1% decrease in robbery
  • 13% decrease in burglary
  • 15.6% decrease in motor vehicle theft
  • 9.8% increase in larceny or theft

711 priority 1 calls with an average response time of 5.1 minutes. Priority 1 calls are in-progress felong, in progress crime against a person, or an incident where there is high risk for harm for a person

In 2018 there were 63,425 contacts with citizens that resulted in 2057 arrests. There were 61 incidents resulting in a use of force. Approximately 1 in every 1040 contacts with citizens.

There were 21 complaints filed against the Elk Grove Police Department. Of those 21, 10 were filed by citizens and 11 were internally filed. 1 in every 6342 contacts with citizens led to a formal complaint. That is down 16.7%.

There were 12,467 citations issued. 3964 were for speeding and 2170 for distracted driving, accounting the two largest categories. There were 1278 collisions investigated and 226 DUI arrests.

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