Elk Grove man arrested in connection with burglary in Folsom

Elk Grove man arrested in connection with burglary in Folsom

From the Folsom Police Department:

On 5/3/2019, Folsom Police Officers responded to a burglary report in the 1700 block of Creekside Drive. A woman reported to police her apartment was broken into during the night and several items were stolen including credit cards, her cell phone, vehicle keys, and her vehicle.

As officers were taking the report, the victims credit cards were being used throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove. Officers used the Find My iPhone application to track the victim’s phone to Elk Grove. Through investigation, officers learned the phone was inside a home.

Folsom Police Detectives located 36 year old Justin Cogbill, of Elk Grove. They found the victim’s property along with the items Cogbill purchased with the victim’s stolen credit cards. Detectives are investigating to determine if a bicycle, which was also found at the home, is related to another burglary that occurred in Folsom. Justin Cogbill was booked into the Sacramento County Jail for various felony charges.

Cogbill was arrested by Elk Grove Police on April 19 for an active warrant.

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