Safer Driving Can Decrease Sacramento Road Fatalities Significantly

By Cindy Trillo

Safer Driving Can Decrease Sacramento Road Fatalities Significantly

Sacramento County has more fatal car crashes per capita than the California average according to statistics released by the California Department of Transportation. While the various state departments are continuously implementing new laws and recommendations pertaining to road safety, it is up to each and every individual driver to practice safe driving. While common sense should prevail at all times, it is also imperative to actively adhere to the rules of the road, such as the following, to ensure that everyone arrives at their destinations safely.

Adhere to the speed limit

California drivers may soon be allowed to drive whatever speed they want in two additional lanes on two of the major highways in the state. Bill SB319 which was proposed by Republican State Sen. John M.W. Moorlach, will require the construction of 2 extra lanes on Interstate 5 and State Route 99 that will have no speed limit. Until this bill comes to pass, it is imperative to stick to the speed limit at all times. Adhering to the speed limit will not only reduce your risk of being involved in an accident but will also prevent you from being issued with speeding fines.

Keep your insurance policies up to date

Although car insurance will not protect you on the road as such, it will be of great benefit should you find yourself in an untoward situation. Not only will having car insurance save you time and effort when you are involved in an accident but it can also supplement your health insurance nicely. All residents of Sacramento County, including those living in Elk Grove, have to have car insurance coverage if they are planning to drive in California.  According to state law, auto insurance should include a minimum protection of between $15,000 and $30,000 and $5,000 for property damage per accident.  

Keep to the right

The basic rules of the road stipulate that you need to stay in the far right lane unless overtaking another vehicle. Avoid being in the far left lane unless you have made sure it is safe to pass. This was, unfortunately, not the case when a female driver with a previous arrest for drunken driving tried was broadsided by a truck while trying to pass a car on Highway 12 in the south of the County a few years ago. 5 people died in the accident, once again reiterating just how important it is to adhere to the rules of the road.

By sticking to the rules of the road you can drastically reduce your chances of being involved in a nasty motor vehicle accident. Not only can safe driving save your life, but it may very well end up saving you a lot of money as well

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