City of Elk Grove hosts Old Town Improvement meeting

City of Elk Grove hosts Old Town Improvement meeting

Last night staff from the city of Elk Grove hosted an informational meeting related to the upcoming improvement for the Old Town area. There will be three projects taking place in the area over the next 3 years. Elk Grove Laguna Forums recorded the entire meeting which can be seen at the YouTube link below. The presentation took roughly 35 minutes, followed by almost of one hour of questions and answers from residents at the meeting.
Residents with questions or comments are encouraged to contact project manager Kristin Parsons, kparsons@elkgrovecity.org, 916-478-2236

The three projects are:
Railroad Street Improvements
Old Town Plaza Phase 2 & 3
Old Town Streetscape Phase 2

The Railroad Street Improvement project will start later this year. Railroad street will be improved to add sidewalks, street lights and gutters. Also there will be two parking lots added. With the addition of the parking lots and on street parking, up 180 parking spots will be added. Construction will begin later this fall, 2019.

The Old Town Plaza project began in 2017 with the construction of a bathroom near the north end of the property near Elk Grove Blvd. Phase 2 will include more development of the north end of the property as an entrance to the plaza. Phase 2 will begin in Spring 2020. Phase 3 has not yet been funded and there is no date as of yet.

The Old Town Streetscape project will continue with what was done in 2006, between Walnut ave and School Street on Elk Grove Blvd. One notable change will be that there will not be raised planter boxes in the medians. Businesses and residents complained about medians in Phase 1 and that was removed from Phase 2. Phase 2 will improve Elk Grove Blvd from School Street to Waterman Road. At this time there is no plan to add a signal light at Kent Street. In Summer 2020, the city will begin relocating existing utilities along the stretch of Elk Grove Blvd to be improved with actual construction on the roadway in Summer 2021.

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