Update on Highway 99 construction south of Elk Grove

CalTrans is planning construction on Highway 99, south of Elk Grove to widen the bridge to allow for future widening of 99. As part of the project the on and off ramps at Eschinger Road, south of Grantline, were scheduled to be closed permanently. The Sacramento County Farm Bureau worked with CalTrans to keep it open once construction is done. Below is an email sent by the Sacramento County Farm Bureau:

 Sacramento County Farm Bureau has been participating in ongoing discussions with the County of Sacramento, City of Elk Grove and CalTrans, regarding the upcoming Cosumnes River Bridge Replacement Project on Southbound Highway 99. The on and off ramps at Southbound 99 were originally proposed to be abandoned permanently based on original project designs. After lengthy discussions on behalf of our farmers and ranchers, Farm Bureau was able to preserve access to both the on and off ramps at Eschinger Road, providing a temporary closure for project construction. In our efforts to keep you up to date on these projects, listed below is a timeline of the proposed construction. These start dates are approximate but are the most up to date information we have been provided. 

  • Beginning August 23, 2019 the southbound on-ramp is scheduled to be closed to allow for pre-construction projects including bringing in 180,000 cubic yards of fill dirt through the end of the year and 130,000 cubic yards in the Spring of 2020.
  • Pre-construction projects will include construction of temporary bridge foundations and a temporary bridge structure which are scheduled to conclude by June 2020. 
  • In June 2020, the southbound off-ramp will be closed as all traffic will be diverted to the temporary structure. 
  • Estimated project completion date is Winter 2022

In order to accommodate the increased traffic flow, Northbound 99 will be widened to allow for additional lanes. It is the goal of the project designers and construction staff that four lanes will remain open on 99 for much of the project construction. With the new temporary bridge structures, two lanes will be maintained in both directions, except for brief periods of nightly lane closures, when needed, to keep the project on the intended timeline. In addition to the construction, project partners have committed to repairing the roadways that will be used throughout construction. This includes all West Stockton Boulevard from Eschinger Road to Promenade Parkway. These repairs will happen immediately, prior to construction, in order to not further damage the roadways. Additionally, they will be repaired upon project completion for any damage done throughout construction.

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