Prodigy Children’s Shuttle Service hiring drivers

Prodigy Children’s Shuttle Service is hiring drivers for program to shuttle children around the Elk Grove area. If you are interested in applying, download the application at the link below and fill it out. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Job application


Job Title: Shuttle Driver

Prodigy Children’s Shuttle Service is hiring part-time drivers to safely and responsibly shuttle school-aged children to destinations throughout Elk Grove in a 12-passenger van.

Applications due by: August 23, 2019

Please mail applications to:

Prodigy Children’s Shuttle Service

5605 Claudied Way

Elk Grove, CA 95757

Description of Basic Functions and Responsibilities:

Provide safe and reliable, door-to-door transportation to school-aged children and teens to and from school, home, and after school programs and activities along designated route(s) throughout Elk Grove between the hours of 6am and 9pm Monday through Friday. Shuttle adults and families to various (sports, museums, airport, etc.) locations and events on weekends and after hours.

  • Shuttle drivers will receive general supervision and must adhere to the all policies, procedures, transportation and traffic laws.
  • Shuttle drivers will be responsible for the safe operation of a 12-passenger van and ensuring the safety of passengers while adhering to established schedules.
  • Shuttle drivers will be responsible for the care and routine inspections of the vans.

Typical Duties Include:

Drive a 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter vehicle within a prescribe route(s) throughout Elk Grove in accordance with time schedules.

Pick up and drop off passengers at the designated stopping points. Routinely inspect the vehicle for operational safety and cleanliness. Transport adults and families on outings to various locations.

Plan route(s) and stops.

Maintain order an appropriate behavior of passengers according to Prodigy’s Shuttle Contract.

Conduct safety and operational inspections of assigned vehicle routinely.

Report mechanical, operational or safety concerns at the end of the route – or immediately when necessary.

Service vehicle with gas, diesel fuel, and oil when necessary.

Routinely check and fill tires when necessary.

Complete reports daily and upon request.

Maintain cleanliness of vehicle to ensure safe and sanitary operating condition.

Complete periodic mileage reports and other reports including passenger count.

Attend company and community meetings.

Attend driver-training programs to maintain current knowledge of California Motor Vehicle Code and the Education Code as it applies to the operation of vehicles in the transportation of children and passengers.

Attend safety and operational trainings as required and necessary. Operate a two-way radio.

Wash the vehicle when necessary.

Perform related duties as required.

Maintain employment standards including possession of a valid and appropriate California Driver’s License and passenger transportation endorsement, and maintain a clean driving record.

Required Qualifications Include:

Must be 26 years of age or older.

Must be fingerprinted.

Must provide a 10-year printout of their DMV driving record with no major infractions/violations.

Must pass a nationwide criminal background check.

Must pass a 16-point Driver Certification Process (provided at www.ProdigyShuttle.com).

Desired Qualifications Include:

Knowledge of the provisions of the California Motor Vehicle laws and as applies to the operation of vehicles used in the transport of children and passenger transportation.
Knowledge of basic first aid practices, procedures, and techniques. Knowledge of safe driving practices.
Ability to read and write at a level necessary to successfully perform the required duties.
Ability to understand and carry out both oral and written instructions in an independent manner.
Ability to establish and maintain proper conduct on vehicle.
Ability to drive a 12-passenger vehicle safely and efficiently.
Ability to exercise good judgment and extreme caution while driving.
Ability to maintain valid certification as a youth bus driver according to state regulations.
Ability to meet the physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform required duties.
Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.

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