Elk Grove City Council votes to impose restrictions on short term rentals

Last Wednesday, the Elk Grove City Council heard a staff report on short term rentals in the city. These include rentals from well known sites such as Air BNB and VRBO. City staff estimated there are approximately 150 short term rentals in the city. The city doesn’t have any specific regulations regarding short term rentals.

Short term rentals have become an issue in the city according to neighbors. Complaints include drug use, illegal parking, late night parties, crime and other issues. City staff presented several options at the meeting. Several residents complained about the rentals. You can watch the video of staff report, residents comments and council deliberations, Video

Staff presented three options for city council to consider, from keeping things the same, to imposing restrictions that require potential rental owners to apply for a permit.

After listening to residents comments, the council decided to go with option three, which was the most restrictive.

Option 3 – Zoning restrictions or limitations
This option would have staff approach short-term rentals as a land-use issue and propose Zoning Code amendments, but with
restrictions on use. Short-term rentals could be prohibited outright in any
zone, or they could be limited to allowed or conditionally allowed uses in
certain residential zoning districts. This zoning option could require operators to secure either a Minor Conditional Use Permit (MUP), which is subject to approval by the Zoning Administrator, or a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which is subject to approval by the Planning Commission. The MUP or CUP process would allow for the imposition of operating restrictions and/or additional specific conditions as needed on a case-by-case basis, allowing some regulatory flexibility.

City staff will work with code enforcement and the police department to come up with regulations that will then be taken to the planning commission.

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