The City of Elk Grove unveils new development plan, “Project Elevate”

The City of Elk Grove’s Office of Economic Development issued a press release regarding a new development project that the city is calling “Project Elevate.”

The project will be adjacent to the city’s other development projects, the Elk Grove Aquatic Center and the newly named District56, which includes the soon to open Elk Grove Civic Center and Senior Center.

The project will be on just over 20 acres of land that the city currently owns. The area is bounded by Elk Grove Blvd, Big Horn Blvd, and Civic Center Drive.

The city is looking at similar projects in other areas, including Santana Row in San Jose, as an example of what this project could be like.

From the press release

The City of Elk Grove, California, recently presented preliminary concept plans to the public for a new mixed-use project on City-owned property adjacent to Elk Grove’s recently opened District56 civic center complex. Project Elevate will be comprised of a dynamic mix of vertically integrated uses including dining, retail, and entertainment on ground floors, multi-level offices and apartments, a hotel, and substantial public plazas and sidewalks. The project will be built on four new pedestrian and transit oriented city blocks, with elevated levels of urban density and design, and strong connections to District56’s award-winning aquatics center and community center projects.

Project Elevate planning, design, and market analysis are being led by the City of Elk Grove, who will look to partner with private developers to construct the project. The City has assembled a top design and market analysis team, including ELS Architecture and Urban Design, landscape architecture firm Lifescapes International, engineering firm Kimley Horn, and market analysis firm Hoffman Strategy Group. Design and entitlements are scheduled to be completed by mid-2020.

“Project Elevate represents a bold new vision for what Elk Grove can look like and feel like moving forward,” said Economic Development Director Darrell Doan. “The goal of the project is to quite literally “elevate” the quality of urban experience in Elk Grove by seamlessly integrating extraordinary public spaces with exceptionally designed private buildings, creating a dynamic, dense, and walkable live, work, play neighborhood. We already have strong interest in the project from the development and retail communities,” Mr. Doan said.

To view the concept design package, click here.

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