13-year-old girl taken hostage after chase in Sacramento

Sacramento police and Sheriff hostage negotiators and SWAT teams are at a house in South Sacramento after a slow-speed chase ended with the girl being taken hostage by the suspect.

According to Sacramento Police, the incident began earlier in the day with a report of a domestic violence call earlier in the morning. Officers later located the suspect and conducted a vehicle stop in Sacramento. The suspect was a passenger in the vehicle. The vehicle then led police on a slow-speed chase through the city into the county of Sacramento.

The vehicle eventually stopped at Mello Court in South Sacramento. The driver got out of the vehicle and ran off. The suspect then exited the pickup truck and opened the rear door, pulling the girl out of the car. He then held the girl in front of him as he backed up towards the house as officers closed in.

Sacramento police are questioning the driver. They believe the girl and the suspect are known to each other but are not sure of the relationship between the two. The suspect is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon for the incident earlier in the day.

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