Hostage standoff ends in South Sacramento

After more than 24 hours, a hostage standoff has ended. The suspect surrendered peacefully around 4 pm this afternoon.

At one point the suspect was holding 8 hostages, including a 13-year-old female that was in the pickup with the suspect when the slow speed chase ended on Mello Court nearly 24 hours earlier. The suspect took the girl into the home, using her as a shield between himself and the police.

During the night 6 of the hostages were allowed to leave the home. Shortly after 8 am this morning an adult female and the girl managed to escape when the suspect wasn’t looking. Sacramento Police Spokesperson Sabrina Briggs called it a “heroic act” by the adult female.

Law enforcement agencies then spent the rest of the day negotiating a peaceful ending to the standoff. The suspect has not yet been identified by police.

13 year old taken hostage

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