Elk Grove to reconsider renaming Civic Center Drive

Elk Grove to reconsider renaming Civic Center Drive

At the City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 13, the Elk Grove City Council will consider renaming Civic Center Drive.

Civic Center Drive runs east and west between Bruceville Road and Laguna Springs Drive. It has become a hub of the City’s development that includes Costco, the Ridge Shopping Center, The Elk Grove Aquatics Center, District56 (formerly the Elk Grove Civic Center) and a future entertainment area, Project Elevate.

In September the city council approved changing the name of the Elk Grove Civic Center to Disrict56. The decision was met with much criticism from Elk Grove residents on social media. On the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook page, the name was compared to The Hunger Games and residents didn’t understand the connection to District56.

The staff report on the renaming proposal can be found here – Staff Report

From the report:

During the development of the Elk Grove Civic Center Project, Civic Center
Drive served as the primary roadway for the project and was named
accordingly. As the project progressed, staff provided City Council with
naming and branding options for the Civic Center. At the September 11,
2019, City Council meeting, Council approved “District 56” as the new name
and branding concept for the Civic Center. Additionally, Council requested
that staff research options and impacts of renaming Civic Center Drive.

Civic Center Drive is at the northern boundary of District 56 and runs from
Bruceville Road to Laguna Springs Drive. West of Bruceville Road, the name of the street changes to Backer Ranch Road.
As Council noted, Civic Center Drive does not correspond to the new name
and there are no plans for City offices in the vicinity. Renaming the street
could better assist residents, business owners, and the public at large in
identifying the location of District 56 as shown in the Figure 1.

In anticipation of returning to Council with naming options, staff routed the
following names through the process:
• District 56
• District
• 56th
• Celebrations
The following street names received approval from the above agencies:
• District 56 Drive
• District 56 Avenue
• District Drive
• District Avenue

Renaming Civic Center Drive would affect four properties that have Civic
Center Drive addresses. These four properties include a total of 255
addresses as shown in Table 1 and Figure 2 below:
Table 1: Affected Properties
Assessors Parcel Property Owner Address Units
132-2120-003 Sac County Water Agency 7879 Civic Center Drive (1)
132-2110-001 Ridge Elk Grove LP 7897 Civic Center Drive (248)
132-1990-025 City of Elk Grove 8230 Civic Center Drive (5)
132-1990-013 Sac County Water Agency 8280 Civic Center Drive (1)

Renaming the street would have the biggest impact on The Ridge
Apartments, which has 248 units. To avoid impacting the 248 apartments,
the City Council could rename only the segment of Civic Center Drive from
Laguna Springs Drive to Big Horn Boulevard.
Instead of renaming Civic Center Drive from Laguna Springs Drive to
Bruceville Road, the City Council could take one of the following alternative

  1. Take no action and leave the street name as Civic Center Drive
  2. Rename only the segment between Laguna Springs Drive and Big
    Horn Blvd
  3. Suggest alternative street names and direct staff to route the new
    names through the street naming process
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