Elk Grove police respond to false emergency call

Earlier this afternoon Elk Grove police responded to a 911 call from a person that alleges to have shot someone in a home in the 8900 block of Laureles Court. The caller also said told dispatchers he was going to shoot another person inside the home.

Officers arrived on the scene and established a perimeter around the house. A reader told Elk Grove Laguna Forums they witnessed officers with vests and weapons drawn arriving on the scene.

Further investigation determined the call to be a hoax or “swatting”. Swatting is when a fake emergency call is made to police that results in a large presence of officers and often their SWAT team. In one such instance in 2018 a caller from Los Angeles sent police to a home in Wichita, Kansas. The resident of the home was shot and killed by police and the caller has been charged with manslaughter.

In a post on their Facebook page, Elk Grove police said, “We take these calls very seriously and will be investigating it thoroughly as the caller put the lives of our officers and community in unnecessary danger.”

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