KCRA Channel 3 and Channel 58 blacked out on DirecTV and AT&T

DirecTV and AT&T viewers will be unable to watch KCRA channel 3 and KQCA channel 58 due to a break in contract negotiations between Hearst Television, owner of the two local stations and over 30 others around the country, and DirecTV, owned by AT&T.

At issue are the fees paid by cable and TV providers to the broadcast stations. Hearst and DirecTV were unable to come to an agreement after their contract expired on December 31, 2019. Several extensions were granted, but a deadline of January 2, 2020 was given by Hearst. With no contract in place, viewers are only able to see a blank screen.

Earlier this year the local CBS affiliate, channel 13 was blacked out on DirecTV for two weeks. Hearst issued a statement on the KCRA website.

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