Stonelake HOA issues statement on proposed California Northstate University hospital

Stonelake Master Association Position Statement on
California Northstate University (CNU) Hospital/Biotech Lab Project

We are a safe, family-focused, neighborhood-based community. Additionally, a substantial draw to living here is the natural beauty, critical migratory flyway, and spectacular birdlife, and open space to our south and to our west. Many of us feel a genuine responsibility to protect those resources

We have a right to expect, and a responsibility to demand, that our neighbor/partners behave ethically and above-board, are honest in their processes, respect the concerns of our families, and support our values and the community we cherish. We should not accept anything less than a corporate neighbor, who supports our priorities, engages in an open, transparent and respectful manner, and is willing to collaboratively towards a mutually shared vision that improves life for everyone, for generations to come.

Finally, given the rules regulating trauma care centers, we recognize adding another Level II trauma center in the west side of Sacramento County (where three other centers already exist, one just a few miles from Elk Grove), will virtually ensure that the families living in other areas of the County will not have access to commensurate healthcare options. This is unacceptable and out of line with our ethic.

California Northstate University (CNU) project leadership has shown an ongoing and consistent pattern of disrespect for our community and our fundamental values. The project itself is wildly out-of-scale for the location and for the needs of the Elk Grove community.

A health care facility closer to our Elk Grove community has benefits for both families and homeowners. A closer proximity hospital could provide better response times and patient care and can make family-support less burdensome. And, a local hospital may provide a range of employment opportunities and could increase local property values.

Let’s not be lulled into a false choice; gaining a local health care facility does not require us to sacrifice our quality of life or support a project which is clearly out of scale for our needs and out of touch with our community. We strongly urge our community to come together and unambiguously reject the California Northstate University (CNU) Hospital/Biotech Lab proposal.

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