The Rising Need For Increased Road Safety In Elk Grove

Guest post by Cindy Trillo

The Rising Need For Increased Road Safety In Elk Grove

With a shocking 3,602 motor vehicle fatalities occurring in the state of California in 2017, it’s clear that road safety can be improved across the state. However, the Elk Grove area, in particular, shows a rising need for increased road safety due to an abundance of accidents. Here’s the situation in Elk Grove and what can be done to improve the public’s safety – not to mention how you can help.

An abundance of accidents

With an abundance of accidents reported happening near the Elk Grove area, there are some recent incidents that highlight the need to improve safety. For example, a recent head-on crash near Jackson Highway in January resulted in the tragic passing of an 11th grader at Pleasant Grove High School, and a similar crash occurred in the exact spot and in a similar fashion a short time after. One local, Steve Liddick, says that it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen there, and refers to it as a “treacherous road.” Liddick also mentioned that traffic lights could help. 

In addition to the need for traffic signs and lights, other accidents near Elk Grove and within the state of California are due to other causes, such as speeding, distracted driving (such as the use of a cell phone), and driving under the influence. In fact, a crash that occurred in November of 2019 was suspected to be a DUI case, which left one dead and another injured. Luckily, there are potential solutions out there, which local jurisdictions and drivers hold the responsibility for implementing.

A solution – and what you can do to help

When it comes to finding a solution for increasing road safety, there are many things that can be done. For instance, safety measures can be taken, such as putting more traffic lights and signs in place, reducing speed limits in high-risk areas, and enforcing the law more. Road safety is also the responsibility of drivers, and doing your part to increase road safety can help greatly. Simple things, such as putting away your cell phone while driving, being mindful of the speed limit and local laws, and never getting behind the wheel when under the influence are all important ways to practice road safety. However, if you or a loved one is involved in an accident, it’s important to notify the local police right away. If you choose choose to take legal action, a personal injury lawyer will help in getting you the compensation and justice – you deserve in order to move forward. 

With many reports of accidents within and near the Elk Grove area, there’s no doubt that there’s a rising need for road safety. Along with the city’s need to implement more safety measures, drivers can also help increase safety by using simple techniques such as limiting distractions and never driving under the influence.

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