Governor Newsom issues new guidelines in wake of coronavirus outbreak

This afternoon Governor Newsom issued a directive as the coronavirus outbreak increases in the states.

Newsom touched on the following points:

  • Home isolation of those over 65 and older
  • Home isolation of those with chronic medical conditions that make them more susceptible
  • The closure of wineries, bars, brew pubs, and clubs
  • Reducing the number of patrons at restaurants by 50%
  • Increasing the number of hospital beds at state hospitals as well as procuring more space at other locations

When asked why restaurants should remain open, Newsom said that we need to provide the ability to produce food for those who are unable to cook their own food. By keeping restaurants open it will allow people to pick up food as well.

Newsom also said that at this time he will not enforce the closures of the specific businesses. He believes the businesses will comply voluntarily. He did say that he would use executive orders if necessary to enforce it.

Newsom said the state is working closely with the federal government to secure more test kits.

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